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Tropical Silk Beauty Products


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Silk Model

Biotin Hair Crème 5.5 oz.

For Itching, Flaking Scalp & THINNING HAIR


Silk Model


Welcome to Tropical Silk of Greenville

The Owners Zelma Gambrell and son Roland Gambrell

Mrs. Zelma Gambell has developed higher quality and better performing Hair Care Products. Her main concern is that Hair Care Products do “What Nature Intended”: keep hair Attractive, Healthy and add Moisture to Restore pH balance that Chemical take out. The Tropical Silk lines of Hair-Care Products absolutely address these concerns without using greasy oils or heavy wetness.

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Our Philosophy
Tropical Silk upholds a timeless approach to hair care that promotes beauty and health within sensible, intelligent products. Our brands never compromise quality, as we design products to be luxurious, nourishing and effective in addressing your specific hair care needs. Our holistic approach focuses on offering hair care systems that gently cleanse, deeply condition and intensely moisturize to revitalize your hair and scalp to create strong, vibrant hair. Our products are Designed with Every Strand in Mind.


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Black hair care product

The Tropical Silk collection of brands and packages offers custom solutions specifically formulated to restore and revitalize hair that has lost its youthful texture and shine, or been damaged by years of relaxing, straightening, coloring, etc. Regardless your hair condition, Tropical Silk adds moisture, shine, body and softness. Pamper your hair with the luxurious Tropical Silk experience.

Burning Feeling
If you Suffer from a very dry, itchy scalp, especially behind my ears and temple. I have tried all the medicated products on the market, without success. Because of the dry skin problem, when ever I use a relaxer, it burns my scalp causing my hair to break. Can you help me? Try Tropical Silk Silicon Relaxer




                        Silk Model


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Company Address


1303 East Washington street

Greenville, South Carolina 29607

(864) 233-6123



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