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Distributor Opportunity

An Overview

  The Opportunity:

  Tropical Silk Products, Inc. is seeking Distributors to sell and service Hair Care establishments (Beauty and Barber Salons) in areas with significant African-American population.

  Distributors will receive a Start-up Inventory, Orientation and Training Session. Distributors must have a delivery type vehicle (van, station wagon, etc.) and have a clean driving record.

  Distributorship Levels Available:

  Two (2) different levels of Distributorships are available from Tropical Silk:

  1)      Distributor Level:                 Meets all Criteria Requirements.  May be assigned

either a Significant area/territory of a highly populated Town or City or the entire portion of a moderately  populated Town or City.

2)      Associate Distributor:          Meets all Criteria Requirements.  May be assigned

either a small portion of a highly populated Town or City or a significant portion of a moderately populated Town or City

  Earnings Determination:

  Distributor Earnings are determined by the Number of Sales Calls a Distributor makes on a Daily, Monthly, etc. basis, The Average Sale per Sales Call, and the Maintaining of Reasonable sales Costs.  Sales and Earnings are not guaranteed and will vary by Distributor.

  An Illustration of possible Sales and Earnings is included later in this package.

    Training Provided:

  All Distributors must complete an Orientation and Training Session (2 days) before they are officially able to distribute Tropical Silk Products.  This Session covers Product Information, Product Use, Sales Policies, Procedures, Company Contacts, etc.

Tropical Silk Products Inc.

Distributor Opportunity Presentation

   Distributor Criteria

  1)      Must be Honest, Ambitious, and Goal Oriented.

  2)      Have a strong desire and willingness to start and run their own business.

  3)      Complete a Screening Interview with Tropical Silk Products, Inc. management.

                                     4.    Attend and complete a two (2) day Tropical Silk Distributor Orientation and Training Session covering the following:

  -             Product Information and Usage

-             Selling and Salesmanship

-             Policies and Procedures for Distributors

  5)      Have a Clean Driving Record and have available van, station wagon or similar delivery type vehicle.

  6)      Have sufficient Physical Strength and Stamina to handle Product Delivery and selling requirements.

  7)      Possess a willingness to work Extended Work Days (Eight Hours or more) continuously to achieve Tropical Silk and Individual Sales and Servicing Objectives.

  8)      Must be able to meet the Financial Requirements to become a Tropical Silk Products Distributor. $300.00 for the Distributor Beginning Inventory package plus shipping charges or $500.00 for the Associate Distributorship Beginning package plus shipping charges.


9)      Execute a Tropical Silk Products, Inc. Distributor Agreement.

   10)  Be willing to adhere to all Tropical Silk Products Inc. Sales Policies, Procedures, and Territory limits assigned by Tropical Silk and not violate or sell to any unauthorized customers or in any unassigned territory.




  A.     Career message from Mrs. Zelma Gambrell, Founder of Tropical Silk Products

B.     Tropical Silk Products Distributor opportunity –

 An Overview

C.     Tropical Silk Products Distributor opportunity – Presentation

D.     Distributor Training & Orientation Outline & Support

E.      Distributor Revenue and Earnings Potential

F.      Confidential Background Information

G.     Distributors/Associate Distributors Agreement




   A.     Orientation And Training Session Basics:

  1.       Duration – Two (2) full days

  2.       Location – Greenville, South Carolina until need develops for Regional Sessions.

  B.     Orientation And Training Session Agenda:

  1.       Company History, Mission, Profile of Principals, etc. – Expanded Version.

  2.       In-depth Product Information on the complete product line.

  3.       Product use Demonstrations (Participatory).

  4.       Sales Approaches/Sales Simulation exercises.

  5.       Recap and Questions & Answer Session.

  6.       Written Test – Knowledge Assessment.

  7.       Certification/Appointment as Distributor Program.

  Each Tropical Silk Distributor will be presented a Manual  which contains summaries of information contained in the Distributor Presentation as well as materials covered during the Orientation and Training Sessions.  Procedures and Policies on Ordering and Selling Products and other pertinent information will be included.

  Customer Support Provided

  1.       Ongoing quality control and Product development to ensure continuous product improvements and flow of exciting new products to sell.

2.       A customer service 1-800-Number to call for technical support, product information and assistance.

3.       Tropical Silk will provide consulting assistance to each Distributor in the developing of strategic marketing and sales plans to grow their customer base and revenue.

     Dear Potential Distributor:

     Thank you for you inquiry into the Tropical Silk Distributor Business Opportunity. We are an emerging company driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, a line of unique hair-care products, and a burning desire to provide other an opportunity to achieve their personal and financial goals.

     These products mean a lot to me as I developed them according to the need that other products were not filling. That need is to add the moisture needed to restore the pH balance that chemicals take away from hair. I first started with setting lotion and over the years have been able to develop two lines of Tropical Silk Products.

     We are currently in the second phase of our planned expansion of Tropical Silk’s Unique and well-received hair-care product line. We are using our products in salons in Greenville, South Carolina and also in other Southeast locations.

     We are satisfied that our Tropical Silk Products has multiple market appeal and also provides others an opportunity to achieve personal financial goals through the Tropical Silk Distributorship.

     If you are honest, ambitious and goal oriented then you are just the person we are looking for. Again thank you for considering this opportunity and I look forward to working with you.



Zelma Gambrell 


 A Tropical Silk Distributorship is not for everyone.  We use very strong Criteria in approving and appointing Distributorships.  Those who have the right qualifications expect it and appreciate it.

Before you proceed, we would like you to consider the following:

A.)  Do you want to be a Tropical Silk Distributor?  Do you feel confident that you have the Temperament, Knowledge, Understanding, and Ability? 

B.)  Do you truly want to be Independent?  Do you have all the necessary Self Motivation, Discipline, and Drive

-If the answer to A &B is yes, then you have to decide if a Tropical Silk Distributorship is the way to accomplish your Goals and Dreams.  The next step is for you to submit your Resume and enclosed Confidential Data sheet if you feel you have the necessary qualifications and desire

Send No Money.  only send Resume and Data sheet to

Distributor Commitment

A Tropical Silk Products Inc. Distributorship shall be established as a result of a candidate meeting all of the following requirement:

   Contact or indicate to Tropical Silk Products Inc an interest in becoming a Distributor of Tropical Silk Products.   Complete and Submit Resume and Confidential Data Sheet to Tropical Silk Beauty Products.  3.Complete a Screening Interview with Tropical Silk Products management Service  

   Be selected by Tropical Silk Beauty Products    Agree to and sign a Tropical Silk Products Inc. Distributor Agreement

   Order and Pay for the Distributor Beginning Inventory package.  Package cost is $500.00 and up plus Shipping charges for a Distributorship.  Associate Distributorship may be available in some markets.  Package Cost for an Associate Distributorship Beginning Package is $700.00 plus Shipping Charges.   Attend and successfully complete the Tropical Silk Products Inc. Orientation and Training Session.

Please note that the Beginning Inventory Packages will not be shipped to the Distributor or Associates Distributor until....

  All Product and Shipping Charges have been paid.    Distributor has successfully completed the Orientation and Training Session.

Distributor and Customer Support Provided

1.   Merchandising Support- sample size products-posters for promotions/Events-Flyers for Promotional activity-Tropical Silk carry bags-Shampoo Capes-Many others

Note: The above provided at Tropical Silk cost

2.    Customer Education and Training Available-Seminars at least once/year in each Distributors Market/Territory-In Salon Workshops in an area on an as needed basis-Specialized/individualized Customer Training available

3.     Presence and Participation in Significant Trade and Industry Show/Events: Participation in at least one(1) Major Hair Trade Show in each Distributors Market/Territory.    

4.     On-going Quality Control and Product Development to ensure continuous product improvements and flow of exciting new products to sell.

5.     A Customer service 1-800-Number to call for technical support, product Information, or Assistance.

6.     Business Development and Growth Assistance: Tropical Silk will provide Consulting assistance to each Distributor in the developing of Strategic Marketing and Sales Plans to grow their Customer Base and Revenue.

          1303 East Washington Street

          Greenville, South Carolina 29607

(864) 233-6123-1800-626-7285 fax (864) 233-6123

E-mail: dj3roland@bellsouth.net




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