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Ms. Zelma Gambell has developed higher quality and better performing Hair Care Products. Her main concern is that Hair Care Products do “What Nature Intended”: keep hair Attractive, Healthy and add Moisture to Restore pH balance that Chemical take out.

The Tropical Silk lines of Hair-Care Products absolutely address these concerns without using greasy oils or heavy wetness.  Founded in 1990, Tropical Silk were developed with over 60 years of experience in the Cosmetology industry.

A Commitment to total quality is the driving motivation of Tropical Silk Products, servicing the ever-growing needs of entrepreneurs for professional products which perform consistently and offer outstanding value.  Manufactured in South Carolina,  our use of the very best chemists available in every products category gives Tropical Silk a unique advantage which places us in the forefront of product development.

The Greenville, South Carolina beautician turned-inventor says it's only a matter of time before her line of Tropical Silk hair care products is available in salons throughout the country.  Getting there, though, is proving to be the toughest battle.  Since turning her-year-0ld setting lotion formula- once known as the Zelma special into a patented, marketable products four years ago, Gambrell has been on a quest,  And it's one she said she won't quit until the nation knows about her hair care products. 

Money is the only thing holding me back, " she said. "I refused to be stopped.  I know the demand is out there.  In her Washington Street salon 18 years ago, Gambrell mixed moisturizers and oils in plain plastic bottles producing a setting lotion that restores the moisture balance to dry brittle hair.

"I was frustrated with what was already out there, ' she said.  The setting lotion was just the beginning.  Cream relaxes, shampoos and conditioners followed-whatever she saw that her clients needed to restore their hair to health.

 For further Information write or call:

  Tropical Silk Products, Inc.

1303 East Washington Street

Greenville, South Carolina 29607

(864) 233-6123






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